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17.06 - 17.07.2022

At the Minerva art space, with CandS Gallery, curated by Gerogia Tidorescu, part of the "Looking to introduce something uncomfortable" series, Cluj, Romania

No need for the dollhouse roof


Photo credit - Roland Vaczi

Sound of Chamber of Oblivion - "Forgot"
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Photo credit - Roland Vaczi

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"If you've ever watched the Twin Peaks series, you're probably familiar with a place called "The Black Lodge". A chamber of reflection, also called meditation room, usually refers to a place where rites of passage unravel. The room hosts to an isolation process during which introspection is conveyed by symbolical objects. "Chamber of Oblivion" deforms old-fashioned ornaments inside an environment suspended in time. It displays objects as being traces of a time that hasn't come to be yet, a time that's catching up with us backwards."

Stanca Soare

"Through this exhibition we are trying to emphasize the ever-evolving nature of our models and what is the automatic influence they have on our life. In the search of loosening the social patterns on the inhabiting spaces we chose the dollhouse as an exploratory device for reinventing lifestyles. 

In the generative process of a model we can recognize the therapeutic research in which we create particular narratives that reveal our inner reflections. This way we can understand the fragility of spatial division as well as figuring out the operative motions in compartmentalizing as a defense mechanism. In this analytical system, the public is acting as a player on a stage, performing their un-materialized scenarios as a complex representation."

Gerogia Tidorescu

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