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June 16 2022

Bad luck for broken promises

Performance during the opening of "No need for the Dollhouse Roof" exhibition, curated by Georgie Tidorescu for Cands Gallery,

at Minerva Artspace, Cluj, Romania

"Bad luck for broken promises" is a side-dish to the main dish "Chamber of Oblivion", created for the exhibition. The installation focuses on a deconstructed Romanian traditional room, while the performance revisits folk superstitions. One of the most well-known Romanian superstitions is to avoid opening an umbrella inside a house. Let's presume the performer had already violated this rule and has brought bad luck upon themselves. It rain now pours only on them from inside the umbrella through a watering device usually meant for gardening. Bad luck becomes contagious through paper statements that are being distributed to the public. The wet flyers bear false general statements to be taken with a grain of salt.

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